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Augusto Pedraza

I am Augusto, a Mexican artist living in Brussels since 2016. I worked professionally as an actor in theatre, film and television in Mexico. I came to Belgium to study for director at Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema and Sound, RITCS.   

I like to mix the theatrical / corporal / dance forms with topics such as violence, origins, human relations, migration, and pessimism. I like the sensation of intimacy in a show. I try to integrate the element of the image and the abstraction within my work.

My Vision

My vision is a combination of the Latin America folk and magical experiences with the old European history and tradition.

In art and theatre, I let go my desires, dreams, hatreds, demons, hopes and frustrations that have grown in my life. I have gone through a process of uprooting that has led me to an exodus with no clear direction; sadness and memories have transformed my thoughts. What once was true has stopped being so to lead to another truth, but ultimately, everything is ephemeral and relative.

I am a contemporary capitalist and pessimist who still has joy and the desire to smile and surprise others besides the coming future.

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